One of the most critical things for any business is communication, and in the digital age this means integrations.

Being able to get your data into and out of your WMS/TMS is critical, and CartonCloud can help in a variety of ways depending on your and your customer's needs.

If a system can export or import a file, the chances are good that we can integrate with that system in one way or other, with varying levels of automation. Depending on the system, the options only get better from there.

Don't worry if things here look too technical, our on-boarding and support team will help you get setup (contact support).

Available Integrations

For details on the list of Available Integrations (out-of-the-box)


Entering data manually into your WMS/TMS is not only time consuming, but also error prone. CartonCloud automates this process so you have consistent and zero effort data entry into your system.


This is currently the most common way of getting data into CartonCloud. Your customers provide you with a file containing details of orders/consignments and these are automatically processed and entered into CartonCloud. Your customers can send data in the standard CartonCloud format, or we can take care of configuring a custom parser for your customers own data format so they don't need to change a thing. File formats we can currently support with our custom parsers are Excel, CSV, Text and XML. To request a custom parser, please raise a support ticket or email (please note, the information required below). If you want to get technical, this is the kind of parser fields data we can process.

If your customer is able to standardise their information to our document templates, you could make use one of our pre-built parsers at no cost, see: List of Parsers

If a custom parser is required (we match your customer document format), the process below should be followed.

My customer wants to send a spreadsheet or CSV


What do we need from you?

My customer wants to send a document (PDF or other) to attach to a transaction

What do we need from you?

Zapier Connections

Zapier is a third-party integrations platform that provides a way of connecting web apps automatically. We've developed connections from Zapier into CartonCloud, so if Zapier also supports getting data out of your or your customer's system, we can easily connect the two together for you. Zapier already supports integrations with hundreds of other applications including many e-commerce platforms. Please contact technical support to get a "zap" set up.

Please checkout our Zapier Integration FAQ for a range of frequently asked questions around how Zapier works with CartonCloud.

My customer wants to send from a Zapier API enabled application eg: Shopify, Unleashed, Xero etc

What do we need from you?

Custom Integrations / EDI

We are continuing to build up our standard integration capabilities above, so hopefully you won't need any custom integrations. However, if you do need our assistance to build custom integrations, we can get one of our business analysts to investigate your requirements and document scope (paid service), after which can provide a quote and schedule for the development work. This can include proprietary systems integrations or industry standard integrations such as EDIFACT.

My customer wants to send an XML, EDIFACT, Non-Standard text file, IDOC or Other 

What do we need from you?

Direct API to CartonCloud

The preferred mechanism for system to system notifications, a "webhook" can be configured so that CartonCloud immediately notifies your or your customer's system about the change in order/consignment status. Check with your IT team to see if your system can support this. As part of our continuously improving API capabilities further details can be found here

My customer wants to create orders directly in CartonCloud from their application through direct API

Please note: Our Legacy API's have been retired and are being gradually replaced. Please follow this link for updates on the progress - API INFORMATION

Should you customer require direct API integration, please contact


When something happens to an order/consignment in CartonCloud we can trigger notifications and/or data to be sent out. Eg.

We/My customer wants CartonCloud to return information to their system or a third party system.

What do we need from you?

Email Notification

The simplest kind of notification emailed out to yourself or your customers.

Refer to our Knowledge Base How To: EMAILS AND NOTIFICATIONS