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Date(eg: 30/08/2013)CartonCloud Manifest Template v1.4 Note: All Red sections are required. Sections in black are optional.
Manifest Reference(must be unique)
Pickup Required(Yes or No)
Pickup Address(only fill out if Pickup Required = Yes)
SuburbTotal # of Pallets in Manifest
State(eg: NSW, QLD etc)
Telephone (optional)
Delivery Details
Order/Invoice ReferenceBarcode NumberTotal number of CartonsLoose Cartons (non-palletized)Number of PalletsInvoice Value (If Applicable)Additional Reference (If Required)NameStreet / PO BOX AddressSuburbCityPostcodeStateTelephoneCOD (Yes/No - only available if prior agreed - Invoice Value must be provided)Special Instructions (If Any)Type (Chilled, Frozen, Ambient, 16dc)Required Delivery date (If applicable) e.g: 25/03/2013Authority to leave stock (Yes/No) - only available if prior agreed.Authority to Leave Instructions (where to leave)