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Date(eg: 30/08/2013)CartonCloud Sale Order Template v1.5 Note: All Red sections are required. Sections in black are optional.
Sale Order/Invoice Reference(Must be unique for each Sale Order)
Reference (if applicable)(An additional reference field)
Required Delivery Date(eg: 31/08/2013)
Sale Order Value(eg: $4000.00)
Send Invoice With Goods
Special Packing Instructions
Delivery AddressPick Up
Company Name
Street / PO BOX AddressCash On Delivery
City(if unsure, copy the Suburb name)Order Urgent
Special Delivery Instructions
Product InformationE.g. Batch
Product CodeProduct NameQuantityUnits of Measure (CTN / UNIT / KG)Expiry Date (e.g. 30/08/2013 - or leave blank if you want RMS to intelligently choose)Custom Field 1Custom Field 2Custom Field 3Custom Field 4Custom Field 5Custom Field 6Custom Field 7Custom Field 8Custom Field 9Custom Field 10