Release 80
  • Sale order packlist xls now displays adhoc charges (optional).
  • New document template - purchase order verification template which can be downloaded on the purchase order screen or sent via email when a purchase order is verified.
  • Consignment notes now support barcodes.
  • Bugs and minor improvements.

1.6.4 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Bug fixes & improvements
1.6.3 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

We have been working on some improvements to the UI of the CartonCloud app and will be introducing these changes in stages.
Or aim is to make the app easier to use and to keep the interface clean and modern. We're excited to be revealing these changes over the next few updates!

Check out our blog article on the upcoming UI changes:

Also: Bug fixes & improvements

Release 79

Android Scan Move

  • Added the ability to move items in the warehouse between locations with a simple scan.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Scan Serial Number

  • Scan serial numbers against products in the warehouse, improving picking accuracy on the floor.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Invoicing Sums

  • Renamed the 'Recalculate All Totals' button on the Invoice Page.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • Ability to add Parser File Types
  • Enhanced FieldMapper in bolts to allow for Products.
Release 78

Custom Field Search

  • Search for customers, sale orders and purchase orders by the custom fields (in relevant search bars).
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Customer Stock Report Template

  • Ability to customise the visibility of customer stock reports.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Delivery Note Template

  • Added value tag to sale order delivery document.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Order Stock Adjustment

  • New customer settings - when doing a stock adjustment on the same day there is an option to split each adjustment into a new purchase order/sale order rather than combining them.
  • Ability to trigger bolts on stock adjustments.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • Enhanced XML Parsing capabilities.

General improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added Rapid Sale Order Packing setting, enabling users to speed up their sale order packing.

  • Variable weight packing now enabled 

          Variable Weight Packing

  • Added support for custom barcode scanning

          Scanning Custom Format Barcodes

  • Users are now able to filter sale order products by “verifiable” custom fields

          Scanning a barcode to verify against a POP Custom Field when picking (Is Verifiable)

Release 77
  • Variable Weight Picking

  • Latest release of being able to scan pick variable weight products such as meat plus being able to verify stock with a barcode such as batch control barcodes.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • Android Warehouse Application

  • Rapid sale order packing which increases the speed of the packers on the floor and also scanning custom barcodes to gather more information on the floor.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • Sale Order PDF Label

  • Sale Order Custom Fields have been added to the Sale Order PDF Templates
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • New Bolt added to convert files (ie: XLS --> XLSX). This will allow more file types to be parsed.
  • Bugs and various system performance improvements.

General improvements and bug fixes.


  • Drivers can now scan consignment barcodes to open a consignment from the job list.
  • Packers are now able to reset a purchase order product to "Awaiting Location".
  • Improved display for the Wave Pick progress through pick & pack stages. More info on Wave Picking in the CartonCloud iOS app: Scan Wave Picking


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
Release 76
  • Purchase Order Custom Filter

  • Consignment Bulk Report - consignment custom date fields can now be filtered by on the report. All consignment custom fields now show on the report.
  • Sort filters have been added to the purchase order list page.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • Custom Field Reporting

  • Added weight and volume tags to the consignment connote document template.
  • New Parser bolt for Purchase Order Product lookup by custom field.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • General improvements & bug fixes. 
Release 75
  • Android Start Packing

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Will alert you if you start packing without tapping the "Start Packing" button on the app for Android

  • Template Date Formats

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Brings you more options for date formats on your templates

  • Invoice Summary Logo

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • The CartonCloud Logo will no longer be a default logo if you have not uploaded one onto your invoices. 
    In the absence of your logo, no logo will appear.
  • Improved “Start Packing” behaviour on packing Sale Orders. Added prompt to remind you to start packing when working on a Sale Order.
  • Added New Relic
  • Updated all android dependencies to the last version (including react native libraries)
  • Added support for 64 bits devices
  • Updated Google Places SDK
  • Bug fixes
1.5.23 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

  • Bug fixes and improvements
1.5.22 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
Release 74
  • Default Adhoc Charges can now be Enabled or Disabled at a tenant level.

  • Service Type, Collect Address and Deliver Address added to Bulk Allocation Screen.

  • Customer Stock Report can now be viewed by different UOM levels.

  • "Is Scannable" is now split from fragmenting into lowest UOM.

  • Select All button added to Search Product Stock page when on the "Search By Other Fields" tab.
  • Emails are now disabled when Customer is inactive.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

For background and how-to-use, checkout our Release 74 Blog Post