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Warehouse Locations cannot be deleted directly due to dependency restrictions (they may be in use by other records, such as Purchase Order Products).
For this reason, the only way to completely delete a Warehouse Location is to Merge it with another Warehouse Location.
Alternatively, you can simply "Deactivate" a Warehouse Location if the Warehouse Location is empty. 

Merging Warehouse Locations

Merging Warehouse Locations cannot be undone - it adjusts all historical and current stock to point to the new Warehouse Location.

As direct deletion of a warehouse location is not possible, Warehouse Locations must be "Merged" together in order to remove one that's not required. Merging warehouse locations should only be used if the Warehouse Location was added incorrectly and was never really in use. If you simply want to remove a Warehouse Location that no longer exists, Deactivate the Warehouse Location instead.

When two Warehouse Locations are merged, only ONE warehouse location will exist afterward. In this example, Location AA-01-01 is being Merged into AA-01-02, meaning afterward AA-01-01 no longer exists.

To Merge a warehouse Location, first go into the Warehouse Location that you want to have REMOVED from the system, ie: AA-01-01 and then click the Merge Warehouse Location button: 

From here you can select which Warehouse Location you want to merge the Warehouse Location into, ie: AA-01-02. Only the location you select in the box will exist afterward.

Bulk-Merging Warehouse Locations

You can also bulk-merge warehouse locations by doing the following:

  1. Export Warehouse Locations.
  2. Add an additional column to the Warehouse Locations file called 'merge_id'
  3. On each location you want to remove, put the ID of the Warehouse Location you want to merge INTO into the merge_id field.
  4. Save the file and import it.

Locations of type Multiple Pallets cannot be merged into locations of type Single Pallet (import will fail on these locations). You can first change the location type to single pallet through export and import.


In this example, locations A01B, A01C, ... through to A02D will all be merged into A01A, so afterward only A01A will remain.

Be very careful! This cannot be undone.

Deactivating / Reactivating Warehouse Locations

Warehouse Locations can be deactivated if they no longer contain any stock. If you want to deactivate a location that does contain stock, simply Move the stock to another location first.
Deactivated locations can be re-activated at any time. 

To deactivate a location click the Deactivate button:


You can also Deactivate and Reactivate locations in bulk from the Bulk Edit Warehouse Locations page (see below).

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