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  1. What does "Outbound SKU Charge" do and when should it be used?
  2. If a client is charged $0.40 per carton picked, should this be handled through Adhoc Charges?
  3. Assuming you have two products on one location which total 10 cartons, and you typically charge $0.40 per carton unless the whole pallet can be picked because you're taking everything from that one pallet (in which case you would charge a $2.50 pallet pick charge), how would you automate this?


  1. Charge for each different SKU (different product) added to the order. For example, picking 100 boxes of one product would normally be faster than picking 1 box each of 100 products, so the SKU charge is implemented to cater for this.
    The SKU charge is counted as the number of different products added to the order.
    Number of Unique Products x Outbound SKU Charge = SKU Charges
    See: Customer Charges Fields & Descriptions
  2. No, picking charges should not be run through Adhoc Charges as Adhoc Charges are for charges which are applied on an ad-hoc basis. Instead, Picking Charges should be configured for the various units of measure that are picked for the customer. See: Warehouse Handling Fees and Stock Selection #HowtosetupHandlingCharges
  3. Within the Customer Charge, set the "Picking Charge Option" to "Intelligently Charge Pallet Picks Where Possible". More info available here: Warehouse Handling Fees and Stock Selection, then load in $2.50 pallet picking charges to the customers charge card.

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