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CartonCloud offers the ability to scan a barcode via the CartonCloud Mobile App during Scan Picking, that represents or contains a custom field value such as a batch number to verify that the product being picked is the correct product. 

This allows you to Scan-Confirm batch, Serial or Lot Numbers when picking.

Mobile App Workflow

The mobile app workflow is as follows

  • The Picker selects the sales order they want to pick
  • The Picker will identify the location of the first item on the list and then go to that location and scan the location barcode. This will filter the item list to only show items in that location (as there may be more than one)
  • The Picker can then scan the barcode containing the Is Verifiable value (i.e. Batch Number) and the Mobile app will confirm that the correct product is being selected by opening the quantity calculator screen where the picker can enter the confirmed quantity picked or scan product unit of measure barcodes to capture the quantity being picked by carton or unit. If the picker scans a barcode that does not contain any values that match the product on the sales order for that location, the item list will become empty. In this case the picker should clear the filters, scan the location barcode and then search for the correct product in that location. 

Turning on Verifiable functionality within CartonCloud Web-App

To set this up can be as simple as ticking the "Is Verifiable" option against the POP Custom Field, within that Customers specific settings. 

Where it can become a bit more challenging, is where the batch number is contained within a barcode that represents more than just the batch number such as a GS1 barcode, which can contain Product Code, Expiry, Serial Number etc. CartonCloud can still manage this by allowing you to add some code called Regex, which will extract all the various details out of the barcode which then allows the mobile app to search through the values to determine a match. 

For instructions on how to add the "Regex" code see this link Scanning Custom Format Barcodes.

Please note that currently this process is not strict and requires pickers to follow the recommended process when picking, of scanning the location barcode and then the barcode associated with the product i.e. the GS1 barcode to make sure you are at the correct location.