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Please be aware that this functionality only allows to capture Serial Numbers, not to validate them.

Serial Number Scanning on Pick (or more generic, Splitting By POP Custom Fields) allows the user of the CartonCloud mobile app to scan values into custom fields for a product line and consequently split off one product with the given values, i.e. assigning a Serial Number to a single product.

Setting Up Scannable POP Custom Fields

In the CartonCloud web app, choose the customer you would like to set the scannable Purchase Order Product Custom Fields for, select Edit.

Choose Warehouse Management Purchase Order Products Purchase Order Product Custom Fields.

Tick the Is Scannable box for those custom fields you want to be able to scan in the mobile app. Once enabled, another selection box will appear, Split to lowest unit of measure. This allows you to choose whether you want your product line to be split by base unit of measure. If selected, a line of 5 cartons e.g. would be split on per-carton basis if the carton has been set as the base unit of measure. If not enabled, the scanned value will be applied to the whole product line (e.g. when a batch number is being applied across all cartons of a pallet).

Save your changes.

Accessing the Splitting Functionality

To access the Custom Field Splitting functionality, a Sale Order needs to be selected from the Sale Order list while in Picking Mode.

Picking Mode

Sale Order ListSale Order Product List

Once the Sale Order Product list is displayed, simply swipe right to left on a product line (assuming the product has at least one scannable custom field set up). A button displaying Scan Data will be shown. Tapping on it will open the Set Custom Field Data view.

Serial Number Scanning / Splitting Process

The Set Custom Field Data view displays important information about the selected product line on the top and below that the input view is shown. Here, all the input options are displayed, as well as an additional item counter.

Set As Picked On Scanning

If this option is active (which it is by default), the product split off from the current product line using the scanned custom fields will be set to status Picked and automatically confirmed.

If the option is not active, the picker will later have to confirm the product before finishing packing the Sale order.

Custom Field Values

The values for the custom fields of the product to be split off can either be manually entered by tapping each input field and using the device's soft keyboard to enter the data, or using a barcode scanner. When using a barcode scanner, once a value has been successfully read, the app will automatically proceed to the next input field, without having to manually select it. Once all input fields have been filled, Submit will be automatically called (when using a barcode scanner).

Required fields are denoted with an asterisk next to the field name (e.g. Serial Number* in the example above). Should no value be entered into these fields when submitting the data, a validation error message will be displayed, prompting the user to enter the missing values.

Set Data

Once you are satisfied all required input fields have been filled, select the Submit button which will then trigger the product split to be performed on the server.

The list below the input fields will display all current splits being performed, and their status - Upload, Success, Fail. This list is scrollable but limited to only the last 5 scans. To see all scanned data, select the Show All Scanned Data button (see below).

Next to the Submit button a counter (Scanned) is displayed to indicate how many products have been successfully scanned, out of the total expected number (this only applies when splitting to the lowest unit of measure).

Show All Scanned Data

On selecting the Show All Scanned Data button, a complete list of all the scanned data entered during the current input session is displayed. There is no limit on how many items will appear in this list.


On selecting Done, the view will be closed and the Sale Order products reloaded to ensure the values are in sync with the backend system.