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  1. Go to Invoices from top menu and click Invoices

  2. On the next page, select "Add Invoice"

  3. In the 'Create New Invoice' section of the 'Add Invoice' page, choose the details for the Invoice and click "Create Invoice" to create a new invoice for the selected customer.
    The Start Date is the first day included in the invoice.
    The End Date is the last day included in the invoice.

  4. The system is redirected to the "View Invoice" page for the newly created Invoice. To add Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and/or Consignments to this Invoice, click on the associated tab at the top of the page.

  5. From within the tab selected, Select "Add Sales Orders, Purchase Orders or Consignments" to be included on invoice.

  6. The next page will display all the consignments related to the customer of the Invoice that are not invoiced. Select consignments that are to be added to the Invoice and click on "Add to Selection" button. This will add the consignments to the bucket of consignments that are to be added to that Invoice. (In the example below 4 consignments were selected to be added to the Invoice)

  7. The bucket at the bottom of the same page, will list the selected consignments. Click on "Add {number-of-selected-consignments} Consignments to Invoice" to add these consignments to the Invoice.

  8. On the button, the app will redirect back to the Invoice View page and show an info message at the top of the page saying "Successfully added Consignments". In order to calculate the totals for the Invoice, click on the "Calculate Invoice Totals" button on the right hand side of the screen, under the text "Next Step". This will calculate the totals of the invoice based on consignment charges and other factors that are enabled in the Tenants' and respective customer's settings.

  9. Once the charges are calculated, the app is redirected to "View Invoice" page. The user is provided with multiple options at the bottom of the screen. 

  10. One of the option provided to the user is of "Edit", to edit the invoice. In the Edit page, the user can change the:

    1. "Invoice History Status" to:
      •  Leeching, 
      • Draft, 
      • Awaiting Approval,
      •  Approved
      • void
    2. "Invoice History Payment Status" to:
      • Awaiting Payment, 
      • Payment Made
  11. Start date
  12. End Date (last date included in Invoice)

  13. The user has the option to email the calculated Invoice to the Customer of the Invoice. Click on the "Email Invoice to Customer" button on the right hand side of the "View Invoice" page.

  14.  In the popup window, enter the required information and select "Send" to post the email.

  15. In order to make changes to  consignments related to the Invoice, go to the "Consignments" tab at the top of the "View Invoice" page. It will list all the consignments associated with the Invoice. Select any consignments you want to make changes to and click on "Add to Selection" to add it to the selected consignments list at the bottom of the page.

  16. Select the options at the bottom of the page to make changes to the selected consignments.

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