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If you're performing work in which you sometimes charge the receiver of the freight, you can both do this on a per-consignment basis manually, or create rules do this automatically.

Assume you have stock which is going from one of your customers, Joe's Fruit, to a store in regional New South Wales, IGA Kurrajong and the store (the receiver) is paying for the freight.
One way you can do this is by specifying the "Customer" as IGA Kurrajong, but this can become confusing if you're looking at a job because you refer to it as "the stock from Joe's Fruit".

To avoid this confusion, CartonCloud contains a feature called Receiver Pays Freight and A2IC mapping, which allows you to leave the Customer as Joe's Fruit, but specify that you want the job charged to IGA Kurrajong.

Enabling Receiver Pays Freight and A2IC Mappings

Go to your Organisation Settings, go to the Transport Tab, scroll down and click the checkbox labelled: "Enable Receiver Pays Freight And A2IC Mappings". Then click Save.

Creating a job with receiver pays freight

Once enabled, when adding Consignments you have the ability to specify "Charge to a different Customer", allowing you to leave the customer themselves as Joe's Fruit, but specify IGA Kurrajong as the charging account.

You can now see both the Customer and Charge To accounts listed within the Consignment:

As CartonCloud uses the "Charge To" account for Invoicing purposes, only invoices to IGA Kurrajong will be able to have this consignment added.

Using A2IC Mappings for Automation

Address to Invoice Customer (A2IC) mappings can be used to link Addresses with Customers, allowing the "Charge To" account to be chosen automatically when a particular delivery address is used. This is useful if you're always charging the receiver for deliveries to particular stores. For example, many regional stores used Freight Companies to aggregate orders from multiple suppliers into a single delivery which they then pay the freight for. In this case, you can create an A2IC mapping on the stores address, so whenever it is used the Charge To account of the store will be implemented irrespective of the sender of the goods.

After enabling the feature, within each address you'll have a new tab, A2IC Mapping

Clicking into this tab you can create a new A2IC map:

Once implemented, each time you select that address when adding a consignment, CartonCloud will automatically select Iga Kurrajong as the Charge To account.

When consignments are created through Parsed Data, A2IC mappings will automatically apply to adjust the Consignment's "Charge To" field.

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