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This guide explains how Consignments and Manifests work within CartonCloud, and how to create a new Consignment within CartonCloud

Introduction to Consignments

In order to book a delivery job, or a pickup, we require you to notify us electronically via a ‘Manifest’. A Manifest is simply a list of all consignments we will be delivering on your behalf.

We require an electronic manifest for the following reasons:

  1. It allows you to login and check the status of your delivery, download PODs and see how charges have been calculated.
  2. It enables us to schedule the jobs for our drivers to ensure we have everything completed on time, capture PODs electronically and better monitor the status of deliveries ensuring we delivery everything on time.

Creating an electronic Manifest is really easy , you simply login to the CartonCloud system and enter each consignment directly. This makes it fast because you can search from your previously used addresses, and once completed, we will be notified automatically, so you don’t need to call our office to let us know.

When Manifests are added to CartonCloud via the website, they initially go into a ‘Draft’ status. While they are in draft they can be edited and modified (consignments can be added, deleted or quantities changed). Once you have completed the Manifest you must mark it ‘Approved’, at this point the order will drop through to our staff to review.

If you need to make changes after you approve the Manifest, you’ll need to get in contact with us.

Adding a new Consignment and Manifest

Click on Transport->Consignments on the Top Navigation menu, then click the green button, ‘Add Consignment’.

You’ll now see the Add Consignment screen.

Reference: This is your own reference field which is meaningful to you. It could be your Invoice Number to the Customer, or some other identifier so you can tell which consignment is which.

All Consignment References must be unique, duplicate reference numbers are not allowed. If you are sending the 2nd part of an order and wish to use the same reference number, we recommend adding something to the end, for example ‘-A’. So reference 0028376 would become 0028376-A.

Cartons, Loose Cartons and Pallets: Loose Cartons define how many cartons are non-palletized. The reason for this field is that often customers want to specify that they have say, 2 pallets + 2 loose cartons (they don’t want to be charged for 3 pallets). We allow you to do this by specifying the number cartons, loose cartons and pallets.

Example: you have 1 box to send:
Enter 1 Carton, 1 Loose Carton , 0 pallets

You have 1 pallet to send:
Enter 0 Carton, 0 Loose Carton, 1 pallet.

You have 1 pallet of 40 boxes, plus another 5 boxes:
45 Cartons, 5 Loose Cartons, 1 Pallet (OR) 5 Cartons, 5 loose cartons, 1 pallet – both will be charged the same.

Manifest: Normally at the start of each day you’ll want to ‘Create a New Manifest’ for the first Consignment you add, and then after this add each extra consignment to the Existing Manifest.
CartonCloud will prepopulate these fields for you to make it easier.

Once you have filled out all the information, click ‘Save’.
If you want to Save the Consignment and also add another consignment without having to navigate back to this page, click ‘Save And Add Another’.


Advanced Options

Consignment Type: Default is ‘Normal’, this is just a consignment which is going out for delivery.


Once you have finished adding all of your Consignments, ‘Finalize’ the Manifest

While working on a Manifest, it is in a ‘Draft’ state, and is not yet available for our Transport Staff to view.

When you have finished adding all Consignments to the Manifest, you need to Finalize it so that our staff will be aware of it.

To do this, simply find the Draft Manifest by clicking on:

Notice the (1) next to the word Manifests, this means you have 1 draft manifest which needs to be finalized.

Click on the ‘Draft’ Tab
Find the Manifest you want to Finalize and click ‘View’

And then, simply click the Finalize button.

If you need to make Changes after Finalizing the Manifest

Give your Warehousing Provider a call and they should be able to revert it back to draft for you so you can make additional changes.

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