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This guide explains how to create a Draft Purchase Order within CartonCloud, and Approve it.

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Prior to having stock arrive at our warehouse, we require a Purchase Order.
This is simply a list of what you’re expecting us to receive. We require this for the following reasons:

  1. 1. It enables us to allocate staff and resources accurately for receiving of incoming goods. If you have a much larger order than normal arriving, by notifying is prior to its arrival through the Purchase Order we can plan the handling of the order.
  2. 2. It allows CartonCloud to determine differences between what we have received and what was expected to arrive. This means you’ll be easily notified if we are missing a box of a product, or received something other than what was expected.

To add a new purchase order, you can simply login to the CartonCloud system and enter your Purchase Order directly. This makes it fast and easy because you can search from your existing stock codes, enter quantities, batch numbers and expiry dates (if known), and once completed, we will be notified automatically, so you don’t need to call our office to let us know.

When Purchase Orders are added to CartonCloud via the website, they initially go into a ‘Draft’ status. While they are in draft they can be edited and modified (products can be added, removed and quantities updated). Once you have completed the Purchase Order you must mark it ‘Approved’, at this point the order will drop through to our staff to review.

If you need to make changes after you approve the Purchase Order, you’ll need to get in contact with us.

Adding a new Purchase Order

Click on Warehouse->Purchase Orders on the Top Navigation menu, then click the green button, ‘Add Purchase Order’.

You’ll now see the Add Purchase Order screen.

Arrival Date: The approximate date the stock is due to arrive at our warehouse.

Reference: All Purchase Order References must be unique, duplicate reference numbers are not allowed. If you are sending the 2nd part of an order and wish to use the same reference number, we recommend adding something to the end, for example ‘-A’. So reference 0028376 would become 0028376-A.

Special Instructions: Any special instructions we should be aware of when receiving and verifying the Purchase Order.

Once you have filled out all the information, click ‘Save’.


Adding Products to a Purchase Order

Advising us on what is arriving is very important, please try to provide information which is as accurate as possible. If there is some information you don’t know, such as Expiry Date, or Batch Number, simply leave those fields blank.

Approving the Purchase Order

While working on a Purchase Order, it is in a ‘Draft’ state, and is not yet available for Warehouse Staff to view.

When you have finished adding products to the Purchase Order, you need to Approve it so that our staff will be aware of it.

To do this, simply click the Approve button on the Details tab, please note that after the Purchase Order has been approved you’ll no longer be able to make changes to it.

If you need to make Changes after Approving the Purchase Order

Depending on how far through the Purchase Order is, you may be able to revert the order to Draft and make changes, by clicking the button.

If this button is not shown, it means the Purchase Order is being processed by our staff. If you need to make changes then please give us a call.

Making a Purchase Order Urgent

Generally, we aim to receive and verify stock within a 24 hour period from the time it arrives at our warehouse. However, if you need your stock verified faster than that, you have the option to make it Urgent.
You may need to do this if you have Sale Orders urgently awaiting incoming stock.

Once this has been done, our staff will be notified that the order is urgent and do their best to process it right away. (note: additional charges may apply for urgent order processing).

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