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This guide explains how to create and approve a Sale Order

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To have stock picked, packed and sent to a customer, you need to fill out a Sale Order.
To do this, you can simply login to the CartonCloud system and enter your Sale Order directly. This makes it fast and easy because you can search for available stock directly, choose specific expiry dates and batch numbers (where applicable), and save time by reusing addresses existing.

When Sale Orders are added to CartonCloud via the website, they initially go into a ‘Draft’ status. While they are in draft they can be edited and modified (products can be added, removed and quantities updated). Once you have completed the Sale Order you must mark it ‘Approved’, at this point the order will be available for warehouse staff to begin packing. If you need to make changes after you finalize the Sale Order, you’ll need to get in contact with us.

Adding a new Sale Order

Click on Warehouse->Sale Orders on the Top Navigation menu, then click the green button, ‘Add Sale Order’.

You’ll now see the Add Sale Order screen.

Reference: All Sale Order References must be unique, duplicate reference numbers are not allowed. If you are sending the 2nd part of an order and wish to use the same reference number, we recommend adding something to the end, for example ‘-A’. So reference 0028376 would become 0028376-A.

Pick up from Warehouse: Select this option if you will be collecting this order from the warehouse.

Attach Invoice To Goods: Would you like your companies Invoice to be delivered with the order (generally attached to the outside of one of the cartons in a doculope) ?
Note: Invoices need to be uploaded to the system after creating the Sale Order.

Send With Carrier: By default only Roving Logistics is shown here (as we will be performing the delivery), however if you would like us to work with another carrier (for example Auspost, CouriersPlease etc), then please contact us to discuss, and we can add these options into the list.

Required Delivery Date: If your customer requires the delivery to be made on a specific day, you can enter this date here. If our delivery runs don’t run on the day you specify, we may need to make changes to this date.

Order Urgent: If it is after 1:00pm and you need to guarantee that the order is picked that day, check the box. Generally any Sale Order received by 1pm will be packed on the same day. Sale Orders received after this time, but before 4:30pm may be packed (depending on volume of other warehouse work), however they can also be actioned as “Urgent” to ensure they are packed that day (may incur additional charges).
Sale Orders received after 4:30pm are not typically picked that day.

Once you have filled out all the information, click ‘Add Sale Order’.


Adding Products to a Sale Order

What you want picked, how many you want picked, and other features like Expiry and Batch number selection can be performed when adding Products to the Sale Order.

To add products, simply click the Products tab while viewing the Sale Order, and then click the ‘Add Product’ button.

Searching for Stock

You’ll now need to search for available stock which you can add to the Sale Order.  Simply enter the quantity you wish to add, choose the product from the dropdown, and select the Unit of Measure on the right. In this example the product has two units of measure, Units and Outers, we have chosen to search for 4 Outers.

Once you have searched for stock you’ll be shown available stock that you can choose from. Pay close attention to the Measurements of the product you are choosing, as all results are displayed in the products smallest Unit of Measure. In this case, each Outer = 20 Units, so the results have preselected 80 units for us (4 Outers). You can modify the quantities as you please to take more or less stock, once you are happy with your selected click ‘Take Stock’.

We can now see that the product has been added to the Sale Order. If you need to modify the quantity, or remove the product entirely, just click the Delete Button and then Add the Product again.

Approving the Sale Order

While working on a Sale Order, it is in a ‘Draft’ state, and is not yet available for Warehouse Staff to begin picking and packing.

When you have finished adding products to the Sale Order, you need to Approve it so that it will be packed out.

To do this, simply click the Approve button on the Details tab, please note that after the Sale Order has been approved you’ll no longer be able to make changes to it.

If you need to make Changes after Approving the Sale Order

Call your Warehouse Provider and let them know. Depending on whether the order has already been packed or not we may be able to make changes, the earlier you call, the more likely we are able to make the changes you need.

Uploading an Invoice

If you want your order(s) to be sent with an Invoice attached to the outside of the box, you’ll need to attach this file to the Sale Order. This can only be done once the Sale Order has been approved.

Simply click the big button ‘Upload Invoice’ on the right

Note: Orders which have been marked as “Send Invoice with Goods” may be held at the Warehouse until an Invoice is uploaded into the CartonCloud system. Please ensure each night that you have uploaded all invoices required to avoid delays!

Making an order Urgent

If you sent through a Sale Order after 1pm and want to ensure it is packed that day, you’ll need to make it urgent. To do this, click the button ‘Make it urgent’.

This will ensure the order is packed on the same day (note: additional charges may apply).

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