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If you have products which take up more than one physical pallet space, you'll likely want to charge more for their storage. In CartonCloud, we only allow each item to be in a single pallet space, but it is still possible to charge more for that particular item than others. The way to do this, is through Product Types.

Each product type in CartonCloud can be charged different storage rates, so by creating a new product type, you can then define a new storage rate specifically for this type of product - it could be less or more than your normal storage rates.

These are the four steps you'll need to go through to setup charging for different sized products:

  1. Adding a new Product Type
  2. Adding a new Product (which is of the new type)
  3. Enabling Warehouse Location(s) to allow the new Product Type to be stored there
  4. Setting up charging for the new Product Type

For this tutorial we will be setting up charging for a product which is 2 Pallets in size (and therefore, should be charged double the normal rates). We will call this Product Type: "2 PALLETS"

Add a new Product Type:

To add a new Product Type simply navigate to:
"More" -> "Site Map" -> (scroll down to) "Product Types"

Then click the large green button: "Add Product Type"

Give the product type the name, "2 PALLETS".
Then click Save.

Creating a product of the same type:

In order for the new 2 PALLETS product type to be used,  you now need to create a product which is also of type 2 PALLETS. That way, when the product is stored in the warehouse CartonCloud can apply the correct charging.

For a full guide on how to add a new product, please refer to this guide:
Ensure that when creating the product you record the Product Type as 2 PALLETS.

Enabling Warehouse Locations to allow the new Product Type:

Warehouse Locations can be configured to allow / disallow each Product Type. For instance, you may have Frozen and Chilled products, and Frozen and Chilled locations. You would probably want to prevent Frozen stock from ever being stored in a chilled location, and vice versa. Right now, none of your warehouse locations will be setup to allow the 2 PALLETS products to be stored there, so we need to enable it.

First, head to Warehouse Locations:
Warehouse --> Warehouse Locations

Now, you can either modify individual Warehouse Locations to allow the 2 PALLETS product type to be stored there, or you can modify multiple locations in one go.

Modifying Locations one-by-one:

First, find the Warehouse Location you want to enable by either searching for it, or using the filters. Once you're viewing it, simply click the 'Associations' sub-tab, and then click on 'Product Types'.

Now, you need to enable 2 PALLETS as an allowed product type, then click Save.

Now, when viewing the Warehouse Location you can confirm the change has taken place:

Awesome, now your 2 PALLETS products can be allocated to this location.
If you need to change a whole bunch of locations simultaneously then you'll want to use the Bulk Location editor tool:

Edit Warehouse Locations in Bulk:

From the Warehouse Locations index page, click the 'More' button, then 'Edit Warehouse Locations In Bulk'

From here, you can specify search criteria if you want, or, if you want to modify every location just leave everything as default and click Search.
Now, the box will show the first few results, however if you want to select and modify every Warehouse Location that matched the search criteria, select the checkbox above the table, and then click 'Bulk Edit'.

In the popup window, select 'Change Product Type', then enable 2 PALLETS.

Click Save, and now all the locations will support allocation of 2 PALLET products.

Set up charging for the new Product Type:

Navigate to More -> Site Map -> Customer Charges.
Select the Customer Charge you want to modify to support the 2 PALLET charges.

Then, select 'Storage Charges', and Add Storage Charge:

Finally, ensure you select 2 PALLETS from the list, add your 2 PALLET price and select 'Save'.

You're now able to charge a different storage price for different products. You can repeat this product for all other odd-size charging you need, 3 Pallets, 4 Pallets, 10 Pallets, 1/2 Pallets, anything!

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