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If you need to create a new Charge, you can either create one from scratch, or copy an existing one and then make changes. We recommend you setup a single rate card first with all of the default rates loaded for customers, then keep copying this Customer Charge and making changes for each of your individual customers.

To Create a New Customer Charge, go to: More->Customer Charges:

Then Add a New Customer Charge:

Now setup all the required rates, and once it has been saved, you can then link it up with a Customer, by going to Customers -> Edit screen, selecting the different Customer Charges and then clicking Save.

If you wanted to instead create the new Customer Charge by duplicating an existing Customer Charge, this can be done from within the Customer Charge you want to copy. The Duplicate button is at the bottom of the View Customer Charge page.

To link it to the customer, simply follow the same steps as if you're linking to a New Customer Charge.

Congratulations, you're now calculating charges from the cloud!

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