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Delivery Schedules affect the automatic 'Delivery Run Date' of Consignments within CartonCloud.

You're probably already using Delivery Schedules within your Delivery Runs (the default Delivery Schedule for a Delivery Run is to operate each day, Monday -> Friday).

Delivery Schedules can be applied to three different object types within CartonCloud (in order of priority).

  1. Addresses
  2. Delivery Zones (Suburb / Postcode)
  3. Delivery Runs

The order of priority is important.

For instance: If a Consignment is using a particular Address that has a schedule it's schedule will be used over and above that of the Delivery Zone or Delivery Run.
If the Address does not have a schedule, then it'll check for a schedule in the Delivery Zone. If nothing is found, it'll use the Schedule within a Delivery Run.

To add or edit a schedule for an Address: (More --> Addresses)

For a Delivery Zone: (More --> Transport Settings --> Delivery Zones)

For Delivery Runs: (Transport --> Delivery Runs)

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