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By default, when a Sale Order is picked, CartonCloud stops charging storage as the stock on hand is decremented.
Normally this is fine, however in some cases you may want to continue to charge Storage after the Sale Order has been packed until it is actually removed from the warehouse (as the stock pay be picked and packed, but then stored in the warehouse until it goes onto a truck or gets collected by the customer).

In CartonCloud, there are multiple ways to 'dispatch' the Sale Order and prevent further storage charges:

  • Automatically Dispatching the Sale Order when it finishes being Packed (Default)
  • Automatically Dispatching the Sale Order when the Consignment leaves the Warehouse (recommended for more accurate storage charges)
  • Manually marking the Sale Order Dispatched or setting a Future Dispatch Date

To do this, you first need to change a few settings within the customer which will prevent the stock from being decremented the moment the order is packed.

  1. From the customer settings, (Contacts -> Customers -> Edit the Customer -> Warehouse Management -> Sale Orders), then scroll down to the section "Status Updates"

2. Firstly, you need to setup CartonCloud to decrement the Onhand Stock (and therefore, stop charging storage), when the order is marked Dispatched.

After doing that, you can configure when the Sale Order will be marked Dispatched

If you need Manual Control:

If you don't want CartonCloud to automatically handle the dispatch of the sale order, when you've finished packing a Sale Order you have the option to either Dispatch Now, or set a date for the dispatch to happen automatically. Also note, that if you have the Sale Order setup to Automatically Dispatch when the Consignment leaves the Warehouse, CartonCloud will dispatch when either happens (ie: if the Future Date you set arises before the Consignment leaves, it'll dispatch. Conversely, if the consignment leaves before the Future Date, it'll dispatch the sale order).
Important: If you don't set a dispatch date, the system will continue to charge storage until you manually mark the order dispatched.

Once you have set the future date, you can see when the order is due to be dispatched, and make changes if needed:

How do we know when the Consignment has left the warehouse?

If the Consignment Status is updated beyond 'In Warehouse', this will trigger the dispatch. So if you mark "Delivered", "Collected", "With on Forwarder" or "In Transit (Warehouse->Delivery)", the Sale Order will dispatch.

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