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CartonCloud integrates with the following accounting software applications, within CartonCloud these are referred to as "Accounting Connectors".

Each Software Application contains its own specific options which can be seen within Customers → Edit → Invoice → Accounting Connector.

Table of Contents:

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Multiple Accounting Connectors:

CartonCloud supports multiple simultaneous Accounting Software Connections. This means you could have several MYOB connections, several Xero connections, or a combination of both within a single CartonCloud Account. From there, you can then link some customers to one Accounting Connector, and others to the other.

Reconciliation Report:

To export a list of all invoices / bills and their corresponding Accounting Software Invoice Number, use the reconciliation report:

Consignment Line Items

Rather than sending single lines for "Charges for Freight", CartonCloud can send individual Consignments as line-items.

Currently Line-Item support is limited to Consignments. Sale Orders, Purchase Orders and Storage Periods are still sent through as totals.

To enable Consignment Line Items

  1. Go to Organisation Settings. Click on Invoice tab.
  2. In the "Invoice defaults" box, enable "Send Consignments information as part of summary when uploading Invoice to Accounting Connector" setting. 

Any invoice that is uploaded to Accounting application will contain information from Invoice Totals.

Example comparison of how invoices will look:

Line Items DisabledLine Items Enabled

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