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In CartonCloud, you can use our global search tool to search for anything. This means Menu's, references for Track and Trace etc. Examples; Consignments, Sale Orders, Purchase Orders, Addresses etc.

The Search Box appears up the top next to your organisations name:

 Currently, our search engine cannot search for strings shorter than three characters, including words in any given search.
 E.g. "470 ly" count as 3 and 2, so it won't be able to find any matches. In order to have a match, you should be looking for "470 lyn" instead.

Did you know you can Refine you results?

Refine your Results:
You can also refine your search to a particular 'type', using keywords:
Delivery Run
Purchase Order
Sale Order
Warehouse Location

For instance to search Consignments going to IGA Burleigh Heads:
"Consignment IGA Burleigh Heads "