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It is possible to modify the fields showing in the "Recipient Details" section of the "Record POD" screen in the CartonCloud Mobile App (by default, it asks for First Name / Last Name). This is useful if you want to record additional information such as Time In, Time Out, or Temperature. Note that all changes made will only become effective on the drivers device if they log out / back in.

Modifying the fields is easy - within the CartonCloud Web App simply go to:
"Search for Anything" (up the top), and type in: "Organisation Settings", then head to the Mobile App tab.

Name: The name of the field, ie: "First Name".
Required: Whether or not the driver is forced to enter something into the field. The driver will be able to see this on the Mobile App.
Enabled: If you want to turn off a field you can disable it rather than delete it.

Once you've made changes, you'll need to ask your drivers to log out / back in.
It's important to note however, that this process does take place automatically each time the CartonCloud apps are updated - so in many cases you won't need to bother the drivers, just make sure they update!

The fields now show up on the "Record POD" screen in the Mobile App: