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The following explains how to directly Create, or Invite new users into the CartonCloud system.

Why Invite, rather than Create?

There are two options when adding a new user, either you can Create, or you can Invite.

Creating a new user directly is great for adding Drivers, or other admin Staff members who are sitting right next to you as they can simply enter in the password they want to use, and immediately have access without needing to check their emails. With Drivers, this is especially useful as you may want to tell them what their password is (ie: jackd999), and possibly record all the passwords at your end in case they forget.

Inviting however is much more useful when you’re providing access to your customers, as it allows them to choose which email address they would like to associate with their account, and create their own password.

Invited users will not show up in the user list until the user has accepted the invitation and updated their login details. 

Inviting a new User to CartonCloud

Inviting a new user is simple, simply head to Contacts -> Users

Then click ‘Invite New User’:

Enter their credentials, and leave the ‘Create User Now’ option unchecked:

Select the role/s that the user will need by ticking the box.  See User Role definitions in this link → Users.

Note:  When you are providing ‘Customer’ only access, you need to select at least one customer account for the user to have access to, otherwise, when they login they won’t have anything they can do.

Tick this box if you do not want the user to see charging information in CartonCloud. 

We also suggest that you tick the box to Subscribe to CartonCloud Newsletters so that you receive alerts to system updates.

You also need to provide access to at least one warehouse – otherwise they won’t be able to see anything when they login.

Then click ‘Continue’ and it’ll open a dialogue where you can configure exactly what the contents of the message are that are sent to the invitee.

Once the receiver gets the invitation, all they need to do is click the link (a token) contained within the email, and they’ll be taken into CartonCloud where they can create a new password to gain access with the permissions you specified. Here is a short video to show the steps;

If the user already has a login to CartonCloud, the email token can be used to add access to your CartonCloud to their existing account. This is particularly useful for customers who use multiple carriers that have CartonCloud accounts (for example, they use Company A in NSW who has CartonCloud, Company B in QLD who also has CartonCloud), because they can then simply jump between accounts without needing to log out / in.  

Directly Creating a New User:

Creating a new user is very similar, the only difference is that the account is created immediately, using either a password you specify, or a randomly generated password created by CartonCloud (which is shown after adding the new user).
This is excellent for adding staff members, or drivers as it skips the steps of sending an email to them with the token link, the moment you press the Continue button, the account is created.

Creating a New User (Customer Access)

As a customer you have access to create your own users. 

Head to → More → Users                                                                 


Then click the Actions drop down menu to Invite New User:


Enter their credentials and choose which warehouses they need to access:


Now you can send an invite to give let your new user know they can access CartonCloud:


Links to further detailed reading

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