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To begin using CartonCloud - you need to load the stock / products that are in your warehouse currently - if you have none and are starting the system setup without any existing stock → skip this step. This is the starting stock levels that future orders will transact against. Generally its important to count this stock, load it into CartonCloud and make the switch at an easily identifiable point in time, doing it in parts is not recommended. Its strongly advised to be completed at the end of a week/month when all incoming and outgoing orders are completed, and then start regular operations from the beginning of the next week/month.

If the rollout is being staggered by specific customers then only a stock take for the customers who are about to go live will be required.

First conduct the How to Conduct a Stock Take

Then upload using the special type of Purchase Orders called Import Stock found here:

Download the Sample Data file, load your information either from another electronic system or the stock take records from before.

Then upload the file into CartonCloud and check it has been successful (should be loaded as Allocated status not Rejected). This uploads an Adjustment Type Purchase Order into CartonCloud.

If there has been a mistake you can delete the Purchase Order that was created → by reverting the status to Not Yet Received and then using the Delete button. This will remove the stock from CartonCloud and you can make corrections to the file and reupload it.

Go Live

With stock figures loaded, you’re now ready to go live with real orders from that point on.

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