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Run Sheets are used to allocate Consignments to Drivers. Consignments can be allocated to drivers through a Run Sheet or straight from Delivery Runs.
Run Sheets provide a lot of functionality such as the ability to easily change days, driver, or reorder jobs within the Run Sheet (which is then shown in-order on the Mobile App 

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

A Run Sheets Consist Of:

ID10201An automatically assigned, incrementing ID for the Run Sheet.
NameEast - AM RunA name given to the run, normally to describe what it is for.
Date2017-02-5The date the run is taking place
Delivery RunEast(optional) - if provided all Consignments allocated to the Run Sheet will have their Delivery Run overwritten with this value. This is very useful when working with Onforwarder Addresses
DriverDouglas AdamsThe name of the driver performing the Run.

(optional), can only be selected if Vehicles are enabled.

ConsignmentsA list of Consignments to be deliveredAll of the Consignments allocate to a Run Sheet.


The Run Sheet will be sorted via the address sort order and will show the Run Sequence as per image.

Charging a Run Sheet

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