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Location of Product Type:-

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How to identify your Storage Charge Error

Step 1 To View your storage error follow these steps - Click on Invoices>select the Invoice with the charge error (YES)

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Step 2  - Next select Storage Periods Tab (should have a number in circle indicating error exists)>click on view

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Step 3 - To look at the error message select Charges> Charge Errors as per below:-

Find your error and resolution below:-


However, the storage period for that week will charge for every pallet present during that week, even if its only for a day

My pallet location is charging twice even though I have selected 'Per Location' charging:

By default newly received product is always charged as 'new' storage even if added to a location already containing product. If you do not want new storage charged turn off the 'Double Charge Storage' in customer charge\detail

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