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Storage Charge DaysPeriod GenerationThe number of days used for Storage Charging. Default is 7 days, as period for which you wish to charge storage. Storage is typically charged Weekly, but you could set this to a value such as 1 day to calculate storage charges on a daily basis. Other options include Monthly/Fortnightly and a new option of Disable if you require no storage to be charged.
Storage Starts OnBased on the selection of the Storage Charge Period, options are Day of the week (Mon - Sun for Weekly/Fortnightly) or Date of the Month (1-28 for Monthly)
Pallet RentalIf you charge clients an additional fee for Pallet Rental such as CHEP for example, this can be entered here. This fee will apply for every warehouse location that is in use for the Storage Charge Days nominated. e.g. if 7 then this pallet rental value will be charged once every 7 days.
Double Charge Storage

New storage charges will be applied even if the location was charged for existing storage. This means that if a location was in use at the start of the storage period, and then new stock arrived and went into the same location, it'll be charged again as 'New Storage'. This also applies if the location was in use at the beginning of the storage period, then went empty (stock went out), and then more stock was put into the location. By enabling 'Double Charge Storage', you'll charge the location once for the existing product, and again for the new stock coming in.

Charge Type Product OptionBoth Products and Warehouse Locations have a product type which controls the Storage Rates used. If, for example, you have an ambient product but temporarily store it in a Chilled location, you would probably still want to charge the Ambient Rate. In this circumstance, the Charge Product Type should be set to 'Products', as the Products product type is used to determine the charges. However, if you operate a warehouse which is all ambient, but you charge different for Racked Locations vs Block Stacking (for example), you would want to charge based on the Warehouse Locations Product Type, rather than the Products Product Type - as all products will be 'Ambient' but you may have some locations setup as 'Block Stack' or 'Racked'.

ProductsCharge Storage based on the Products "Product Type"
Warehouse LocationCharge Storage based on the Warehouse Locations "Product Type"

Storage Period Minimum ChargeThe minimum charge for a Storage Period. For example, if the minimum charge is set to $600, and all storage charges added together come to $500, then the minimum charge would push the total price up to $600.