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How to setup Handling Charges


Enter 'Customer Charges' in 'Search for Anything' and select the Rate Card you would like to add Handling Charges for. From here select 'Handling Charges' then 'Add Handling Charge'

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You will need to select the unit of measure that the charge applies to (always best to start with your base unit of measure)

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The 'Question Type' is the charge scheme you would like to apply;

Text FieldA flat rate per unit of measure

Example: Per unit charge $0.50

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TimerNot yet Supported

Sliding ScaleBanded rates for variations in quantity

Example: Per 1-10 units charge $0.50 / For 10+ units charge $0.45

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You can now replicate the same process for the 'Outbound Charge' 

Purchase Order Handling Fee Algorithm