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You can use CartonCloud to import Manifests, Sale Orders, Purchase Orders, Stock Imports and more.

Importing Parser Files

Normally files should be setup to be automatically read when emailed directly by customers, however you can also manually upload files if necessary.

Click on More --> Parse a File.

From there, simply select the Customer, and the 'Parser'. Be careful that you select the right Parser or you might end up with some unexpected results!

Click Upload, you're all done!

To configure other customers to have Parsers available where they are not listed in this dropdown, see this section for explanations on how to add customers to parsers: Configuring Parsers for Customers

Importing Carton Cloud Settings and Data Files

In many parts of the application you have two options to add/update settings; the User Interface or by importing files. 

For example if you want to add one product to the system it is quickest to simply add a product and enter the required information.

However if you are adding many products (or bulk editing) it is often easier to enter this information on a spreadsheet and import directly into CartonCloud. To do this first export from thew area of CartonCloud you are working in to ensure you have the correct format for importing data. This is completed via the more\export option.

Open the Spreadsheet and append / edit the information for importing. Once completed head back to the more\import option - the system will let you know when it has finished importing and if any errors were found during import.

Important: When working with system import spreadsheets in products, locations, Runs, Rate Zones and many others, you will always see a column headed 'ID'.

ID is an internal CartonCloud reference number or pointer to a specific record in your system. 

To add a new record the ID column must be blank

To Edit an existing record the ID column must contain the ID number

In the below example after import one product would be updated/edited and a new product would be added to the system.