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A CartonCloud can automate the calculation of agreed charges to your customers by utilising the Customer Charges features. Customer charges can be created for a group of Customers who share the same charges, can be duplicated and amended for Customers who share the same charge structures but have different charge values or can be setup uniquely for a single Customer if required.

Below is a quick overview of the various types of charges available within CartonCloud

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Customer Charges are made up of 5 main elements;

  1. General Charges that relate to a Consignment, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Storage Period and Invoice
  2. Adhoc Charges that relate to Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Consignments and Run Sheets
  3. Storage Charges
  4. Handling Charges for both Inbound and Outbound handling
  5. Rate Cards for determine Consignment based Charges

The below articles provide details of each of these areas and explain the fields and options for each.

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