04:08 - Creating a user with Driver Role
05:00 - Consignment List
06:05 - Clocking On + Map View
07:25 - Optimising / Reordering Run
10:45 - Filters
14:30 - Multiple jobs to one address
16:07 - Recording a POD (Signature + Invoice Photo)
19:30 - Seeing Completed Jobs
20:00 - Custom Fields
21:34 - Grouping Consignments for Bulk POD
22:56 - Recording an Error
29:33 - Map View (2), downloading POD, History
30:55 - Adhoc Charges
34:39 - Reverting a Consignment Status
34:18 - Authority To Leave
37:44 - Cash On Delivery (COD)
42:57 - Point to Point Consignment
45:10 - Invoice Photo / POD
47:13 - Demo Mode


  1. What does "Clocking On" do within the driver app?
  2. If you wish to optimise your route with a particular job 2nd in the list, how can this be achieved?
  3. If a driver is allocated both AM and PM run sheets, how they can differentiate them on the mobile app?
  4. If multiple deliveries are going to the same store, and a single signature can be captured for all, what should be done if one of the orders is missing a carton?
  5. When collecting a POD that requires a store stamp, how should this be handled within the mobile app?
  6. If you require drivers to capture the stock temperature when delivering, how can this be configured?
  7. If a job requires Cash On Delivery, but the driver doesn't collect any cash, what happens within CartonCloud?
  8. If a driver has paperwork and stock for a consignment that is not on their phone, can they still record a POD?
  9. What happens if a driver has no internet connection when collecting a POD? Will it still work?


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