00:00 - Overview
02:13 - Enabling Onforwarders
02:39 - Adding a Consignment with Onforwarder Address
06:20 - A2A Mapping
10:23 - Enabling Multi-Carrier
11:44 - Adding a Carrier
13:00 - Adding a Carrier Delivery Run
19:22 - A2DR Mapping
25:18 - Using A2DR Mapping with Bulk Allocation
27:46 - Suppliers
30:57 - Supplier Rate Cards (Expense Calculation)
33:55 - Consignments Calculating both Income and Expense
34:54 - Advanced Searching
40:39 - Suppliers Advanced
42:39 - Bills
43:23 - Audience Question 1 - Integrations between CartonCloud Accounts

Test Questions

  1. What is an A2A mapping used for?
  2. Within CartonCloud, what is the difference between a Carrier and a Supplier?
  3. To configure rates for an onforwarder to charge only to the Onforwarders address, how can this be configured?
  4. Why would you configure a Delivery Run to update a Consignment to "With On Forwarder" when delivered on the App?
  5. Assuming you deliver large quantities of product to a Woolworths Distribution Center for multiple customers on a daily basis and use a special truck to do so. This DC is within the suburb "Laverton, 3028", which is part of your "CITY" run Delivery Zones, how could you configure all consignments to this particular address to automatically allocate to a different run called "COLES DC LAVERTON"?
  6. Assuming that each time you allocate a job to a particular onforwarder run, "OF - STARTRACK", how can you configure CartonCloud to automatically insert the correct Onforwarder Address when you allocate to the run?
  7. Where are expense rates configured?
  8. After creating a Supplier called "Star Track", what other steps are required to begin creating bills for Consignments allocated to the OF - STARTRACK run?
  9. Assume you have two customers which both use the same onforwarder, but you need to automatically create independent bills for each of the clients' orders. Ie: Bill to Onforwarder for Customer 1's consignments, and a separate bill to the same Onforwarder for Customer 2's consignments. How can this be configured?
  10. Given the same situation as above, but wanting to create a single bill for the supplier in which each of the two customers is billed at different rates, how can this be achieved?

Test Answers

Webinar 3.1 Test Answers

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