00:00 - Overview
01:53 - Introduction to Rate Zones
02:49 - Introduction to Delivery Zones
05:10 - How the transport rating engine works
08:12 - Configuring Delivery Run specific rate zone
11:47 - Configuring Address specific rate zone (A2RZ)
15:25 - Consignment specific rate zone

Creating Rates:
17:50 - Creating transport rate cards
29:00 - Showing a consignment using a rate card

33:35 - Creating customer-specific Delivery Zones
35:55 - Fuel Levy
39:40 - Onforwarder pricing (apply to the final delivery address or onforwarder delivery address)


  1. What are Delivery Zones? How do they differ from a Delivery Runs and Rate Zones?
  2. What is the fastest way to get Delivery Zones setup?
  3. When charging different clients different rates for "Metro" area, do multiple Rate Zones need to be created?
  4. I have a particular suburb which I generally class as Metro, but for one of my customers I charge them an Outer rate (note: I charge all the other metro suburbs at metro rate). How can this be handled? (hint, see: How Transport Rates are Calculated)
  5. If you allow warehouse pickups for consignments that you want to sign for, but never charge for, how can this be automated?
  6. When should you use an Address to Rate Zone (A2RZ) rule?
  7. If a consignment has a specific Rate Zone applied to it directly, would this be overwritten by an A2RZ rule on the address?
  8. If you track both Pallets and Spaces, how can you configure CartonCloud to ignore spaces when charging?
  9. If the standard fuel levy is 8% and varies, but you have a particular client that should be charged 10% (and it never changes), how can this be configured?


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