00:00 - Webinar Overview
01:52 - Customer Charges - Overview + Creation 
29:20 - Invoice Settings (Organisation Settings) 
32:50 - Connecting to Xero 
35:35 - Connecting Customers to Xero 
39:44 - Creating an Invoice 
46:05 - Charge Error + Resolution 
49:46 - Invoice Summary 
52:20 - Uploading an Invoice to Xero 
55:32 - Example of the Invoice Email to a Customer

Test Questions

  1. Assuming you have a standard set of rates you apply to all clients called: "2019 rates", but need one of the rates modified for a high-volume client called "Fargo's Foods", how would you do this?
  2. What is a Charge Error? How do you fix them?

    Warehouse Charging
  3. What is a Storage Period?
  4. How do you configure daily storage charges?
  5. Would you use a cumulative or non-cumulative sliding scale to charge the first 50 pallets at $5.00 per week, and every pallet after that at $3.00 per week?
  6. Does CartonCloud calculate storage charges based on the start and end dates of the Invoice?

    Transport Charging
  7. How do you configure CartonCloud to charge all Consignments at the end of every week, whether or not they've been delivered? (hint: Customer Charges Fields & Descriptions)
  8. When would you turn on "Allow Zero Charge"?

  9. Does CartonCloud create a Tax Invoice for your customers?
  10. When emailing an invoice to a customer from CartonCloud, what attachments are sent?
  11. Will invoices with charge errors be emailed to clients if I don't stop them?

    Accounting Connection (Xero / MYOB)
  12. Initially when rolling out CartonCloud, how would you configure CartonCloud to automatically upload invoices into Xero/MYOB, but not send them to clients until you had checked them over?

Test Answers

Webinar 2.5 Test Answers

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