Looking for the questions? Webinar 2.4 - Automated Data Entry


  1. Parsers are file-readers for importing data from clients automatically. Each parser is designed to read data from a particular file / format. Parsers generally accept data via either Email or FTP, but can also be used via File Upload to import jobs (Sale Orders, Purchase Orders, Consignments etc).
  2. Contact CartonCloud and we can build a "Parser" for you to automate the data entry.
  3. By default, the CSV Sale Order Template parser is not connected to new customers, you need to connect the parser to the customer. See: Configuring Parsers for Customers
  4. Wildcard email addresses allow you to configure anything at a particular domain to work with a given parser. Rather than needing to setup each individual email sender (ie: gary@bigfood.com, james@bigfood.commichelle@bigfood.com etc), you can simply add a wildcard email address: *@bigfood.com which will allow anyone with a @bigfood.com email domain to send files into the parser.
  5. Running wildcards for common email providers will cause issues as then anyone with a hotmail, gmail or bigpond account who emails files to CartonCloud will be detected as the same customer. It's highly likely to have multiple customers who all use Gmail accounts, for example: bigfood@gmail.com and also yatalapies@gmail.com. Creating a *@gmail.com email address inside Bigfood's account would cause mail sent from yatalapies@gmail.com to be incorrectly detected as mail from Bigfood, instead you should always use specific email addresses (ie: bigfood@gmail.com) when dealing with common email domains.
  6. Parser To Email Addresses must be in the following format: anything+your_tenant@in.cartoncloud.com.au, ie: sale_orders+Ice_Road_Truckers@in.cartoncloud.com.au
  7. Use the Admin Notification Emails to set up an email address to receive "Sale Order Successfully Imported" and "Sale Order Approved (by Customer)".