This video covers Parsers, Uploading Files and Email Importing into CartonCloud.


00:00 - Overview and Background 
02:00 - What is a Parser 
02:30 - Existing Parsers / Parser Examples 
03:20 - XLS Sale Order Template 
05:02 - CSV Sale Order Template + Explainer 
09:40 - Connecting Parsers to Customers 
12:50 - Importing a file using Parser + Upload Results 
15:50 - Connecting Customers Email Address 
20:00 - Example Notification Emails 
22:00 - Email Organisation Settings / Receiving a copy of all incoming emails. 
24:00 - Configuring parser to work via email 
29:20 - Email Parsing Log pt.1 
31:16 - Notification Settings 
33:22 - Email Parsing Log pt.2

Test Questions

  1. What is a Parser?
  2. If you have clients who already send you orders in XLS/CSV format, how can you automate these data files?
  3. A client us trying to upload the CSV Sale Order Template to create orders, but the CSV Parser doesn't appear, why?
  4. When would you use wildcard email addresses (ie: *
  5. Why should you never create a wildcard email address for a common email provider (ie: *,  *, * etc)?
  6. When configuring a parsers "To Address",  what convention must be followed?
  7. How can you configure emails to be sent internally (ie: within your organisation) whenever any new order is received?

Test Answers

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