This video contains an overview of general warehouse management concepts within CartonCloud. Adding Products, Warehouse Locations, Importing Initial Stocks, Purchase Orders + Sale Orders.


0:00 - General Warehouse Concepts Overview
1:43 - Adding Products 
19:57 - Importing Products in bulk 
22:18 - Adding Warehouse Locations 
31:20 - Purchase Orders 
42:40 - Sale Orders 
55:20 - Importing Initial Stocks

Test Questions

  1. Does a Purchase Order go into, or out of your warehouse?
  2. In order to print a pick slip, what needs to be done first?

  3. A clients products only have names, not codes - why can't you leave the Product Code blank? What should be done instead?
  4. Which Storage Charge Method would you choose given the following requirement? (More information on Storage Charges available here: Storage Charges)

    The product fits 40 to a pallet. I want to charge storage on the total quantity in stock, ignoring where they are stored, at a rate of $4.50 per pallet per week

  5. When entering a product that is normally picked in cartons, but occasionally picked in bottles, in which there are 6 bottles to a carton, what should be the base measurement?
  6. Assuming today is October 27th 2018, and a product has an expiry threshold of 5 days and an expiry date of October 31st 2018. Would the stock be selected automatically upon order import?
  7. What stock selection method should be used given the following requirement?

    "The product has no expiry dates, I want whatever's arrived into the warehouse longest ago to be shipped out first"

  8. Given your warehouse has lots of free space, and you want to maximise the efficiency of every order picked (in terms of time taken), which Stock Sub-Selection Method should be used?
    (Note: more information available Stock Selection Algorithms (FIFO, FEFO, etc)

    Warehouse Locations:
  9. Given you have a warehouse location which is Chilled but is occasionally used to store Ambient product if the ambient area becomes too full, how can this be configured within CartonCloud?
  10. Assuming you want to create a storage location which is the floor space between two rows of racking, should you select this as a "Single Pallet" location or a "Bulk Location"? (more info here: Warehouse Locations)
  11. If multiple SKUs are put into a single warehouse location, is the location charged multiple times?
  12. Assuming that "Per Location" charging is used for everything in the warehouse, and the whole warehouse is racked, but I always want to charge locations for every SKU they contain (so 2 SKUs on a single pallet would result in the client being charged for 2 pallets of storage), how can this be achieved?

    Purchase Orders:
  13. Given that a Purchase Order of 10 pallets arrived at 4pm on Friday afternoon (and staff were about to leave), what should be done to ensure that storage is billed for that week if the staff don't have the time to do a full verification / put-away?
  14. When receiving a Purchase Order, if an expiry date is changed, is the customer notified?
  15. Given that a product is 40 cartons per pallet, and a single line on the purchase order is for 120 cartons, will 3 pallets of storage be charged?

    Sale Orders:
  16. Assuming CartonCloud is being used for both Warehousing and Transport (Sale Orders create Consignments), are packing instructions shown to the driver?
  17. What is unassigned stock?
  18. Why is a Draft status used?
  19. Assuming you charge a particular client for "relabelling boxes" when packing orders, how can this charge be captured?

Test Answers

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