Looking for the questions? Webinar 2.1 - CartonCloud Introduction


  1. Use "Search for anything", type in the job number and click on the one which has a truck logo (Consignment).
  2. If you're still being "onboarded", then contact your onboarder directly. If you're no longer being onboarded, contact our support team via email / lodge ticket. If your issue is 100% urgent, you can also phone support.
  3. Go to the "Invite User" screen, but rather than sending an invitation, use the "Create User Now" option. Provide them with a made-up email address, ie: john.driver@iceroad.com.au. We also suggest making up very simple passwords such as: "john1234", so if the driver forgets their password you can remind them that their password is just their first name followed by 1234.
  4. Users with Customer-Level access are only able to see their own stock / orders / jobs. When you create a user with only "Customer" role, you need to select the Customer(s) that you want them to have access to. 
  5. If you provide a user with both Administrator and Customer roles, the user is able to switch into seeing the system from a "customer" perspective. As they have Administrator access, they can jump between all customers, so they can see the system as any of their customers.
  6. Creating a shared login is a very bad idea. You lose a lot of visibility over who actually did something and should never be done.