This video covers adding Users, Customers, Organisation Settings, where to find more information - how to ask for support etc


00:00 - Introduction to the webinar series
01:50 - Overview of the system, links, sitemap and search
05:00 - Organisation Settings
27:25 - Where to find out more information (how to use the Knowledge base)
30:45 - How to contact support
32:00 - How to add Users
39:00 - Adding a Customer
41:00 - Adding a user that has customer-level access
42:25 - Providing Admins with Customer-Level access

Test Questions

  1. What is the fastest way to find a particular Consignment if you know the job number?
  2. How do I get in contact with support if I need help?
  3. I have drivers don't have email addresses, how do I give them access to CartonCloud?
  4. Can my customers see other customers orders / stock / consignments?
  5. How can an administrator, or office staff member see what a customer sees?
  6. Is creating a single login for all my warehouse staff to use a good idea?

Test Answers

Webinar 2.1 Test Answers

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