If you do not wish to manually update the Consignment status of 'In Transit' you can enable the Auto in Transit feature. Once enabled, CartonCloud will automatically update all Consignments with the status of 'In Warehouse' that are scheduled for delivery that same day to 'In Transit (Warehouse - > Delivery) at the pre-defined time each day you set when enabling the setting.

For the Consignment status to be automatically updated it must meet the below criteria:

  • Currently have the status of 'In Warehouse".
  • Be allocated to a Delivery Run. 
  • Be scheduled for delivery either for that day or earlier. 
  • Not be a Pickup or Multi-leg Consignment Type. 

How to enable Auto in Transit 

  • Navigate to Organisation Settings by typing in Organisation Settings in the Search for anything bar. 
  • Select the Transport tab and scroll down to the heading Other Transport Settings
  • Tick the first check box which reads Enable Auto In Transit
  • Once ticket a box will appear for you to fill in with the time you wish the update to be triggered.