This guide is to be used if you've found that large, multi-page PDFs have been loaded into CartonCloud as Invoices / PODs. If this has happened, and you're unable to re-scan the pages, then you'll need to download, split, and then re-upload the individual pages into CartonCloud so they can be processed individually.

Normally you'll realise this issue has arisen because you'll have many Consignments which are missing Scanned Invoices, and one Consignment with a huge file attached to it.

Firstly, download the large PDF file from CartonCloud to your computer - you can do this by downloading the Consignment Customer Invoice from the Consignment that has the large file linked.

You'll need to first download and install two applications to do this, both are free, open-source applications:

  1. PDFSAM Basic - for splitting the PDF into multiple files
  2. FileZilla Client - for uploading to the CartonCloud FTP Server

Step 1: Split the Multi-Page PDF into individual files:

Once you have finished downloading the file, "Delete" the file from the server because we no longer want this large file in the system.

Next, use PDFSAM to split the PDF into multiple files. You can download PDFSAM from here: - it's free.

Select Split

Select the large file you want to split, make sure it's splitting every page, choose an output location (make sure this folder is empty!!) and then click run.

You can then click Open to take you to the directory where the files extracted:

Here you'll have all the files individually split up:

Step 2. Upload the files to the CartonCloud FTP Server

Open FileZilla and connect to the CartonCloud FTP Server. If you don't know your FTP login details, please contact us.

On the left find the files you want to transfer to the server, highlight them all, and drag them into the correct folder within the server:

The files will then be picked up and processed within the next few minutes.