Occasionally there can be instances when customers report that they haven't received an email notification from CartonCloud. The root cause of this issue could be many things such as a company's email firewall or spam filters.

To get one step closer to diagnosing the problem we suggest tenants set up a catch-all email so they can view all emails sent from CartonCloud to their customers.

By following this article you can set up a process to see what is being sent to your customers and confirm the date & times that emails were sent.

Setting up an email account to receive all notifications

There are two options you can use for setting up an email account,

  1. Set up a new email account within your own company email service (note, this address may attract a large volume of emails which can easily use up available space).
  2. Use Google to set up a Gmail account for your business (Gmail has the capacity to hold a large volume of emails). To use this option you can follow this guide to setting up a Gmail account.

CartonCloud Email Settings

Once the email address you wish to use is set up you will need to navigate to Organisation Settings by selecting More in the main menu, followed by Organisation Settings.

Once there select the Email tab.

Add the new catch-all email address to the field Email addresses to receive all customer emails (Separate by ";" or ",")

You will now receive a copy of all outbound notifications from CartonCloud to this email address. 

This is also a great way to view what is being sent to a customer and confirming that files are being attached and viewable.