If you have set up a customer to receive emails from the CartonCloud application and they are reporting not receiving them then this article will help you diagnose the issue.

Check that the entered email is correct

While this may seem obvious, it is easy to mistype just one character that will direct the email to the wrong address. 

We recommend checking the email entered in CartonCloud is correct by verifying it with a test email from your own email client or against your address book if it's an email you have previously sent to.

The following steps must be completed by the customer who is not able to receive notifications.

Ask the user to check if their email inbox is full

Some servers will impose a limit on the number of emails a user can have in their inbox at once. Once this limit is reached the user will no longer be able to receive emails until they clear out space.

Add the necessary CartonCloud email addresses to your contacts

Since CartonCloud sends out thousands of notification emails a day it's common for email hosts to categorize this activity as spam and subsequently block incoming mail sent by us.

Adding the email addresses below to your contacts in will solve this problem. This process will differ depending on the user's email client, such as Gmail or Outlook. Simple guides for every Email client can easily be found through Google if they are unfamiliar with how to do this.

Emails to be added to contacts (be sure to include the asterisk * in front of the @symbol):



Check settings to Unblock Senders

It is possible that the email address noted above have been added to your email Blocked Senders list or filtered out of your regular view.

Check your email settings to unblock if required:

For Microsoft Outlook Unblock Senders

For Gmail Users, check your settings for Filters and Blocked Senders

Gmail also has multiple inbox categories that display different emails (Primary, Updates, Social etc). Check that the email is not in another category and if required, you can follow this guide to change inbox categories and tabs.

Ask the user to check with their I.T. department

If notification emails are still not being received extra security measures may be in place by the user's System Administrator to block incoming mail. 

Please have the user check with their System Administrator to ensure this is not the case.

Wait one working day

If the effected email address was already set up to receive notification emails before completing the above steps our server may stop attempting to contact that email until manual clearance takes place by our staff. This is to avoid our email becoming blacklisted by spam filters.

Manual clearance of the suppression log is undertaken each business day by our Support Team, so if it's not urgent, simply waiting one day for this to take place may fix the issue.

Still no resolution? - Contact our Support 

If you have exhausted the above troubleshooting options please get in contact with our support team so we can investigate further.