In CartonCloud, you can set up a Customer's email address to receive specific notifications, such as Proof Of Deliveries (PODs), notifications of Consignment Errors, Invoices and more.

A list of example email notifications can be found on the Email Tab, within the Notifications sub-tub on the Customer Settings support article.

To these begin by selecting Contacts in the main menu followed by Customers in the drop-down menu.  

Then either search for the customer you want to configure, or simply use the All tab to see a list and scroll through.

Once viewing the Customer's information, scroll down and click the Edit Button.

From the Edit Customer page, select the Email tab followed by the Addresses tab:

You can now either Add, Edit or Delete email addresses.

When Adding or Editing, you can choose which notifications the email address should receive.

Select the notifications you want to enable, then click Save down the bottom and the changes will take place immediately.

Automated Reply Notification Emails to Sender

When an email is sent to CartonCloud, the sender of the email will always receive all notifications regarding that email.
This means that irrespective of the settings within the Notifications section, the original sender will always receive a reply.

We have done this because it becomes very confusing for the sender to know what happened if they don't receive any reply email.

For example, if Sale Order Notifications were set up to only send an email when an order was Rejected - if the order was successfully processed the user would not receive anything back at all. This makes it very difficult for the sender to know if CartonCloud had even received it. 

Updating Customer notifications in Bulk (Import / Export)