In CartonCloud, sliding scale charges are able to be set up with a starting range beginning at a value higher than 0.

This is useful in scenarios where an operation only begins to charge a fee after a certain value and specifically do not what to change that fee when the value on the consignment is between 0 and the set starting range.

For example, an operation may want to charge for excess weight above 100kg. By using the solution provided within this article they are able to charge the normal rate up to 100kg and then apply an excess weight fee for each kilogram exceeding the 100kg limit.

Step-By-Step Guide

This guide assumes that the transport rate you are applying this charge to is already set up (except for the sliding scale component). If you need assistance setting up your Transport Rates, please refer to Setting up Transport Rates.

To add a sliding scale charge to your Transport Rate begin by navigating to the appropriate Rate Card and then select the lane rate you wish to use.

Add a new Charge Group

Select the appropriate fee category, in the example below Delivery is used.

Initially, the sliding scale will begin from a range of 0. To allow this range to be set to a higher value, select the 3 dots at the top right of the charge group.

Then enable Allow Zero Charge

A new field will appear called Starting range. Entering a number into this field will set the sliding scale to begin at that value.

In the example below an excess weight charge of $0.20 is being charged for each kilogram over 100kg.

Once completed, select Save for the Rate Card to be updated.