The Repeating Consignments feature allows you to configure Consignments which recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
This is useful for recurring orders or jobs that you don't want to have to key in every time.

Repeating Consignments are created shortly after the time they are set to be created. This process is triggered every 5 minutes.

Creating a Repeating Consignment

To begin, navigate to the Consignments page by selecting Transport in the main menu, followed by Consignments in the drop-down menu.

Now on the Consignments page, select the drop-down arrow on the +Add button, followed by Repeating Consignment.

At the top of the page, specify how often the Consignment will repeat, as well as it's Beginning and End Dates.

If you do not wish for it to End until further notice, leave the End Date field blank.

You will now need to follow the usual process of booking a consignment.

Extra Options Available for Repeating Consignments 


In the Customer Reference and Manifest fields, you're able to insert placeholders. These placeholders will automatically update to the correct value when the consignment is generated by the system.

For example, if you want the reference to read "Daily Pickup - 2020-06-20", where "2020-06-20" is the date of the consignment's creation, you would enter the example reference shown below.

Manifest Creation

The other option which differs from adding a regular consignment is whether or not you want to Always create a new Manifest for this Consignment, or whether you want the job to be added to an existing manifest for that day (if it exists). If it doesn't exist, then create a new Manifest.

Regardless of your choice, you need to insert a New Manifest Name to be used for the new Manifest.

Once the repeating consignment is saved, a new consignment will be created automatically on the specified intervals with the settings in respective repeating consignment.

Consignment Items on Repeating Consignments

Once you save the repeating Consignment you will be able to add Consignment Items.

If you know what will be moving on the recurring consignment then you can add these details now. 

For consignments with changing freight quantities, the Consignment Items can be left blank for now and filled out on the day the Consignment is generated.

Editing or Testing a Repeating Consignment

You can see your existing Repeating Consignments at any time from the Consignments page by clicking on the Repeating Consignments tab.

From here, you have the option to RunEdit or Delete the repeating consignment.

Running the Repeating Consignment allows you to force the system to create a Consignment based on the settings you have just entered in the Repeating Consignment template. The generated consignment will be visible in your Consignment List allowing you to check over it.

If any further changes need to be made, you can then navigate back to the Repeating Consignment and edit the settings as required.

Scheduling Repeating Consignments based on the day of week

It is also possible to schedule repeating consignments on specific days of the week.

To manage this schedule, once the Repeating Consignment is created, navigate the list of repeating consignments and click on Edit for the repeating consignment. 

Once on the Edit Repeating Consignment Page, click on Manage Schedules.

On the Manage Schedule page, click on the +Add button.

On the Add Schedule for Repeating Entity page select the days on which you want the Consignment to be created.

This can be done multiple times, allowing you to make certain weeks skip normal delivery days (for example public holidays).

Sunday is treated as the starting of the week in CartonCloud, therefore if the "Start date" selected is not Sunday, the system will automatically set the Start date to be the last Sunday from the date selected.

Once the Day specific schedule has been set, a calendar view will be presented, allowing you better visibility of when the system will be generating the repeating Consignment.

In the example provided above, the repeating Consignment is set to be created on Wednesday and Friday each week.