Consignment Errors are reported by Users of CartonCloud and can be reported from within the Consignments themselves. They are typically issued by drivers out doing deliveries. These Errors range from the Consignment being Undeliverable to having their Cartons/Pallets count changed. Consignment Errors by default are visible only to Admins and Onforwarders. 

When Consignment Errors are reported, they will need to be actioned a CartonCloud user within your organisation with Administration level permission to be resolved. 

Types of Consignment Errors

  • Undeliverable - Incorrect Address
  • Undeliverable - Address Closed
  • Damaged Goods
  • Delivered Short
  • Goods Rejected by Receiver
  • Custom
  • Undeliverable - Entire Consignment Lost
  • Temporary Consignment Error
  • POD Generation Failed
  • POD FTP Upload Failed
  • # of Carton/Pallets Changed
  • # of Cartons/Pallet Changed by Driver
  • Consignment Altered After Invoicing 
  • Temperature Issue

You can find more information on how a driver can lodge an error here

Viewing Consignment Errors

Click in the "Search For Anything" bar at the top of the screen and type "Consignment Errors"

Emailing Consignment Errors to Customers for Review

CartonCloud can send a notification to your customer whenever a Consignment Error is lodged.

From the Consignment Error page, select the consignment error and select 'Email to Customer'


From the next screen, select 'Email' and this will bring up a draft email to your customer. You can select/deselect photos to send by clicking individual photos or using the 'select/unselect all' buttons

Once you hit send this will send a direct notification to your customer asking them for direction on how to deal with the consignment.

In addition to emailing each Consignment Error individually, you can also send these in bulk via a Discrepancy Report.

Updating the Status of a Consignment Error

To keep the system up to date, you will need to click the 'Edit' button 

From here you can update the status of the Consignment Error, log Customer Decisions and add comments;

Reported ByUser who reported the Consignment Error
Error Caused ByWho caused the Consignment Error
Consignment Error TypeWhat caused the Consignment Error
Consignment Error Charge ActionHow do you want to handle the charging of the consignment the error is allocated to
Consignment Error StatusThe current status of the Consignment Error
Customer Decision

Does the customer want you to destroy, return or re-deliver the consignment

CommentsFree text field to place any relevant notes

Closing a Consignment Error

Once you have actioned all steps to close out the Consignment Error, the status will need to be updated;

Under the Edit Consignment Error page change, the 'Consignment Error Status' to 'Case Closed'

Once completed, click Update and this will return you to the main page of the Consignment Error. Make sure to mark the error as Resolved as per the below;