You can configure specific controls and settings to customise the bulk allocation screen to best suit your operational needs.

When customising the bulk allocation screen, you can:

How to enable/disable the Map View  

  • Navigate to Organisation Settings, More>Organisation Settings.
  • Select the Features & Options tab. 

  • Scroll down to the Bulk Allocation Configuration window. 
  • Under Shows the map on the Bulk Allocation screen, tick the Bulk Allocation Map Enabled box.

  • Scroll down and select Save
  • If you navigate to the Bulk Allocation screen, you will see the Map View at the bottom of the page. 

Map View Controls 

You will need to have Consignments selected to use the Map View Controls. Click here for steps on selecting Consignments on the Bulk Allocation screen. 

From the Bulk Allocations screen with the Map View enabled, the below controls are available:

Move the map

Controls: Click & Hold Left Mouse Button + Move Mouse

Action: Allows the user to move the map to select and view different Consignments. 

Select a single Consignment 

Controls: Click left on the red dot. 

Action: Shows an information popup and selects the corresponding consignment in the action tables above the map.

Selecting multiple Consignments 

Controls: CTRL + Left Click on Red Dot

Action: Once you have selected one Consignment, you can select other Consignments all at once by holding CTRL. Both Consignments will turn green to indicate they have been selected. 

Drag to select multiple Consignments 

Controls: CTRL + SHIFT + Click & Hold Left Mouse Button + Move Mouse

Action: Drawing a box across an area will result in any Consignments within that boxes' boundaries being selected. 

Suppose a Selection Box has been drawn on the map, but you wish to adjust the map view to see a new location to extend the existing Selection Box to the location or make additional manual selections. In that case, You will need to hold down the CTRL key while moving the mouse. NOTE: If you Click & Hold Left Mouse Button without pressing the CTRL Key, any previous selections will be lost.

Changing Bulk Allocation Interface Between Simple and Advanced

Simple interface 

Has one table responsible for selection and action. 

Advanced interface 

It has two tables, one for selection and the other for action. 

To change the interface:

  • Navigate to Organisation Settings, More>Organisation Settings
  • Select Features & Options.
  • Scroll down to Bulk Allocation Configuration.
  • Tick the Bulk Allocation Simple Interface option if you wish to use the simple interface. If you want to use the advanced interface, leave the option unticked.