To access the Sale Order Report select Reports in the main menu followed by Stock Movement Report in the drop-down menu.

Stock Movement Reports allow you to view what products have come in and out of a warehouse over a specified period of time.

To access the Stock Movement Report page, in the main menu click on Reports, then select Stock Movement Report.

Filter By - Stock Movement Reports can be generated for either a single Product or for the entire set of Products belonging to a Customer.                                                                   

Once Filter by: Product or Customer is selected and a valid Product or Customer is chosen, more options will appear. These movable grey boxes allow you to customise the report to your preference. They can be rearranged by dragging them into a preferred order as shown below.

Optionally, selecting Add All Columns will include all the possible fields available in the report, including any configured Custom Purchase Order Product fields or Custom Product Fields.

These fields can also be rearranged if desired.

If required, fields can be reset by selecting the Reset Columns button.

From here, the remaining options should then be chosen to ensure the generated report includes the stock information you require.

Field NameDescription

Select the Movement Data Type

Physical Movement - When the stock physically arrived into the warehouse.

Storage Movement - When the stock was allocated to space in the warehouse.

Select the statusCondition of the freight
Search with specified Expiry DateTo find a product/s which expires on a target date
Search with Batch Number

To find a product/s with a target Batch Number.

Date RangeTo find products that were in stock during a specified time period.

Finally, click Show Stock Movements and the requested report will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, the report can be exported to an Excel file and automatically downloaded by selecting Export Excel.

An example Stock Movement Report is displayed below,

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