After creating Rate Cards (Customer Charges), they can be exported, amended and reimported to update the system. They can also be imported from scratch too, by exporting the template filling it out and reimporting the template. Our recommendation is to load a Rate Card in the system first before exporting it so the template becomes obvious as to what is required in each field. Find this here (use Search Anything to find Rate Cards / Customer Charges):

Export Transport Rates first. Within the export file (open in Microsoft Excel), there is an ID field on the left; this needs to be blank for new data to load into the system, or if exporting data it will come with a system ID prefilled, then any other data in that row can be changed and it will update that system ID within CartonCloud.

The rate_id on the right hand side links to the Export Rates file, so export that next and you will see the rate_id matches the in the Export Rates file. This is how the Customer Charge Name, type etc link through to the individual rates themselves.

Then each heading has a description of what it is, Carton Rates, Consignment Fees etc. When adding new lines to the document follow the layout of similar charges to understand how to fill the data, and remember for new lines in the Export Rates file, new lines with the matching rate_id need to be added to the Export Transport Rates file.

These figures can now be adjusted to change the numbers, you could add column for example, run a formula down it to update the figures and then use the Copy, Paste As (Values) feature in excel to copy the updated figures into the correct column to override the old numbers, then delete the column you added to the file to achieve that. Remember to keep the template the same as its exported otherwise it will fail when reimporting.

When finished save the template as a new file or override the file you downloaded and then go to the Export menu where you exported these files and Import them back into the system. Check the individual rate cards when you have finished this to make sure it has been updated in the system properly.