Adhoc Charge Groups allow you to group your Adhoc Charges. For example, you may have a number of different Adhoc Charges for packaging orders. In this case, you could create an Adhoc Charge Group called 'Packaging' and have charges such as 'Labelling', 'Extra wrapping' and 'Plastic wrap' included in the Adhoc Charge Group. 

How to create an Adhoc Charge Group 

  • Navigate to the Adhoc Charge Group page by typing in Adhoc Charge Groups into the Search for anything bar. 
  • Click the Actions button and then Add Group.

  • Enter the Name.
  • Select Save

How to apply an Adhoc Charge Group 

When you are adding an Adhoc Charge you can select the group you wish to associate it to. Please follow the instructions here on how to add an Adhoc Charge.