This section of the setup guide is intended to get the majority of your Warehouse Management System up and running. One problem you may encounter within this guide is that what applies for one operation might not necessarily apply to another, for example, a 3PL business providing storage solutions for the stock of 50 different customers is going to have very different requirements when compared to a company who only wants to use CartonCloud to keep track of their current stock and then automatically create consignment notes from Sale Orders (outgoing stock). Because of this wide variation in uses cases, we have attempted to keep this guide to be as general-purpose as possible.

As you progress through the setup we encourage you to identify how you can use the WMS solutions presented to best fit your Operation. 

Most importantly if you get stuck during the setup or cannot find a way to replicate an existing operational process inside Cartoncloud then please reach out to our Support and Onboarding team. We are always happy to help!

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